Useful Links

Let us know of any other sites worthy of appearing here.

Derek Tribbles’s Haworthias on the Internet (Note: This file is in pdf form).

The Cactus Mall
This is literally a Department Store or Mall of many websites all interlinked by the common interests of Cactus and Succulent Plant Lovers world-wide.
The British Cactus and Succulent Society
The BCSS serves to promote the study, conservation and cultivation of all succulent plants and has a fairly active forum open to non-members.
The Cactus and Succulent Society of America
The CSSA has similar aims to the BCSS and is well worth joining.
The Royal Horticultural Society
The RHS is the UK’s leading gardening charity organization. An interest in plants and gardening is all you need to enjoy being a member of the RHS.
Cok & Ine Grootscholten of the Netherlands
Cok has an excellent and comprehensive photographic record of plants in his collection. Of particular interest to our Society are albums for Aloes, Astrolobas, Gasterias and separate albums for individual Haworthias.
David Martin
This Haworthia resource site is highly recommended
Bruce Bayer
A good read from one the foremost experts on Haworthia
Alan Butler’s Nursery Site
Alan was based at Nettuno in Italy but has now moved to Málaga in Spain and he specialises in rare succulents.  Amongst these are, naturally, Haworthias, Gasterias and Aloes, but also many other succulent species of interest to collectors. Well constructed multilingual site.
Richard Hodgkiss’ Succulent Site
Much information about succulent plants. This link leads to his Haworthia Page.
Asphodelaceae Anonymous
Lawrence Loucka’s primary interests are Haworthia and any of the other small growing Asphodelaceae.  Interesting accounts of his trips to South Africa.
Christian and Francoise Prud’hon.
Very professional site with excellent content. Highly recommended.   In French and English.
Kambroo Plants of South Africa
Kotie Retief’s export site for his nursery near Pretoria (was Gariep Plants). Highly recommended source of mail order Haworthias and Gasterias. Very useful picture index for sales and reference.
Kuba Jilemicky’s Blog Site
This covers Haworthias and Gasterias and contains much information and pictures from habitat.
Adromischus Displayed
This is Derek Tribble’s web page on Adromischus. Whilst not within the Haworthia Society’s remit, it is a super site which we are sure you will want to look at.
The Garden Media Guild
This site is a window into the world of gardening journalism in the UK. It was previously called the Garden Writers Guild. Much useful information and contacts.

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to our plants these are just a few 

Haworthia Society FaceBook Group
Useful discussion group, members include some well known experts in the areas of field study and cultivation.
Haworthia FaceBook Group
Planet Haworthia FaceBook Group
Planet Gasteria FaceBook Group