Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

Subfamily: Asphodeloideae

Genus: Haworthia

Closely Related Plants: Aloe, Gasteria, Kniphofia, Poellnitzia and Astroloba

No of species: Approx. 60.

Native to: South Africa.

Haworthias are small succulent plants native to South Africa. They are related to Aloes and Gasterias. The Haworthia Society is concerned with their study, propagation and conservation.

Haworthias in the wild grow in Southern Africa.  They are relatively small (pot sized) plants that are classified as succulent – which means that they can cope with relatively harsh waterless hot environments.  Their leaves are swollen to store water and may be green or attractively coloured.  They are however not frost hardy, which means that for cultivation they need either a sunny windowsill or preferably a greenhouse.

Haworthias are grown for their shape and markings.  There are many different types (or species).  Some collectors also grow hybrids, which are crosses between two or more plants and are selected for their attractiveness.  In many cases they multiply by producing “pups” or offsets and may also be grown from seed.  A seed distribution service is available to members of the Society.

Also within the scope of the Society are some other interesting and related plants.  These are Aloes, Astrolobas, Gasterias and Bulbines.  These plants are also natives of Southern Africa and have similar requirements for cultivation.